Artificial academy 2 free download windows 10 free. Artificial Academy 2 (Eng) Free Game Full Download

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Artificial academy 2 free download windows 10 free.Artificial Academy 2 Full Version PC Game Download

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Artificial academy 2 free download windows 10 free.Artificial Academy 2

Thank you so much for this, the game works fine now. Create an institution and a course year and the course number. In every battle you engage, there will always be optional objectives. But i already reinstall it. Have you searched the internet? Once you have that you will create your clubs and then write the courses list. PC Software.


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Fake Academy 2 was delivered on June 13, for Microsoft Windows. It is, in its middle, a game that is hentai. However, you need to deal with it. You start Off by making the course year, a school, and the course number. You and furthermore you can acquire gay and lesbian characters and characters which are bi slanting hetero, or bi slanting 24, separately. Counterfeit Academy 2 Jinkou Gakuen 2 is an eroge secondary school social reproduction, spin-off of Artificial Academy and delivered by Illusion on June 13, Make and play any of up to 25 understudies of fluctuating sex, direction and other connection capacities and individual tendencies.

The consideration of all week long. Appreciate more limited school days on Saturday and have a great time or go out on the town with a colleague on Sunday. Make companions and darlings as the class goes after accomplishment in scholastics, sports, notoriety, and sentiment. Extended connection situations with. There are 61 absolute situations with now and up to 4 can be in actuality whenever now. Begin Playing After Installation.

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Artificial Academy 2 is a sandbox eroge game that serves as the sequel to Artificial Academy. The game is a high school social simulator where you build relationships with other characters in a bid to have sex with them. You start by creating your character. You can create up to 25 student characters for your classroom.

These students have their gender, orientation, personal behaviors and mode of interaction. Your character can make friends with other people and have lovers among them. You compete with others in your classroom in academics and athletics. You also strive to be among the popular students and to have better romantic partners.

The character customization options are good and you can customize a lot of things about the girl of your choice. You can customize her height, eyes, nipples, shoulders, breasts, buttocks, facial structure, hair length, hair color, skin tone, tan lines, and other things. Each character also has customizable personalities. So, you can adjust their temperament, intelligence, social skills, fighting capabilities, gender orientation, sexual experience and more.

Each character is voiced by a different voice actress so there are different voices for all the characters in the game. The character voices are very realistic as they are voiced by popular hentai and eroge voice actresses. Artificial Academy 2 allows players to partake in sexual fantasies like bukkake, masturbation, sex toys, domination, BDSM, lesbianism, oral sex, cheating, orgies, voyeurism, foot jobs, exhibitionism and more.

You have sex with other students in the school and you can control any of the other 25 characters in the class if you wish. Since the game is a sandbox game, you can explore the school and watch as characters interact with each other. The other NPCs will interact with each other and form relationships of their own. These relationships will sometimes conflict with your personal interests.

It takes time for you to have sex with anyone. You need to build a decent relationship with them before you can seduce them.

Watching relationships blossom is interesting and it adds a thrill to the game. You get to enjoy the chase before getting intimate with someone. There are mods for Artificial Academy 2 that uncensors the game further. There are also mods for cheats and there are mods that add assets like hair packs and clothing. There is a mod that adds more personalities and there is another mod that adds more sexual positions to the game. There is a mod that changes the dialogue options and add more audio and subtitle files.

There is a mod that adds more camera angles. There is a mod that adds more body shapes and thicker body types. Artificial academy is an enjoyable eroge game that can be made even better with the mods and patches available. It is quite similar to the first game and it feels like more like an expansion pack for the first Artificial Academy. Browse games Game Portals. Artificial Academy 2. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher.

Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Gameplay You start by creating your character.

Overall rating: 7. Download Artificial Academy 2. GameFabrique

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